Frequently Asked Questions

At Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic we accept: cash, check, credit card and wire transfers. We don’t provide direct financing for our procedures, but patients also have the options to work with M-Lend Finance.

There’s no advanced amount of time required to schedule an AKN surgery.  Our schedule continuously changes so we’re able to accommodate your procedure as soon as we have availability.

Yes. Our office requires your AKN procedure to be paid for in full – one month before the date of your surgery.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept insurance payments for AKN removal or treatment. But there have been some cases where patients have received a refund for their surgery from their health insurance provider. We are happy to help fill out any necessary paperwork required for a patient to submit to a health insurance provider. 

Ultimately, there’s nothing like an in-person meeting and we encourage you to see us, especially if you live in the Los Angeles area. But if an in-office visit is not an option, our free online consultation form is available. Through our online portal you can safely and securely submit the photos of your condition and provide detailed information about your case. 

If you need to cancel your procedure, either call our office (310)318-1500 or send an email to

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