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Every Superhero Has A Villain – Dr. Bumpinator’s AKN Blaster Tools To The Rescue!

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Published on October 21, 2020. Last Updated on March 24, 2022.

Every Superhero Has A Villain – Dr. Bumpinator’s AKN Blaster Tools To The Rescue!: It’s a story like any other featuring an aspirant evil-doer – Acne Kelodalis Nuchae, AKN for short, whose first order of business is to terrorize and painfully torture humankind with it’s oozing pus and disfiguring ever-growing lesions. Meanwhile, shiny sparks showered around Dr. Sanusi Umar at the lab, also known as Dr. Bumpinator. Sliding his welding goggles to the top of his head, he added the finishing touches to his latest innovation to help combat AKN – the Athena Tension Suture Kit™.

Dr. Bumpinator located in Manhattan Beach has helped hundreds of patients with the bumps on the back of the head. 
Dr. Sanusi Umar is providing AKN treatments to address the bumps on the back of the head to patients in the greater Los Angeles area and worldwide.

VIDEO: Through The Ashes: Athena’s Mythical Rise – The Issue of AKN Wound Healing

Like other medical advances, AKN surgery also had its transformative process. Dr. Bumpinator realized he would have to challenge the traditional surgical approaches. Any doctor can perform a surgical excision on these bumps, but the recurrence of AKN was still likely if not done correctly. Whatsmore, it must result in an esthetically tolerable finish. To return cosmetically optimal results, Dr. Bumpinator, Inspired by Batman’s bat-shaped throwing weapon, developed novel surgical excision and closure techniques and tools, including the Athena Tension Suture Kit.

Athena To The Rescue – Exceptionally Discrete AKN Wound Closures

The thrilling all-star Athena Tension Suture Kit™ is a patent-pending surgical tool invented by Dr. Umar that works to slowly and gradually pull the edges of a wound together in the desired direction while minimizing tissue tear through even in the highest tension wounds.

The Athena Tension Suture Kit™ gradually pulls the wound’s edges closer together to coax new skin tissue production in the right direction. This process typically results in a line that forms a more natural-looking border of the patient’s posterior (i.e., backside) hairline. In other words, Athena nearly eliminates the incidence of tissue tears. It directs wound closure direction for a faster, more aesthetically-pleasing wound closure and a more natural-looking posterior hairline that camouflages the new scar.

A combination of Dr. Bumpinator’s innovative tools and techniques of the bat excision and Athena Tension Suture Kit™ typically produce even in massive AKN excisions, discreet looking outcomes posterior hairline, which is straight, U or M shaped even with large-sized bumps that leave behind more extensive wounds.

Dr. Bumpinator has researched AKN and changed the treatment options to address all types of cases.
Dr. Sanusi Umar, AKA The Bumpinator, has carefully researched the bumps on the back of the head and developed innovative procedures to provide long-lasting solutions to AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae), FD (Folliculitis Decalvans), keloids, and other relentless skin conditions.

The Athena Tension Suture Guard by Dr Sanusi Umar aka Dr Bumpinator
The Athena Tension Suture Guard is a specially invented and patented tension suture kit by Dr. Sanusi Umar, AKA The Bumpinator, designed to help close surgical wounds from AKN removal surgery.

Athena Tension Suture Kits in action.

AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) and FD (Folliculitis Decalvans) are progressive conditions that will likely worsen over time. In some cases, such as FD (Folliculitis Decalvans), this condition can eventually lead to permanent hair loss. To minimize these damages to the scalp and hair, it is best to consult with a licensed medical professional who is experienced and successful in dealing with these relatively unknown conditions.

If you think you have AKN or FD and would like to learn more about removal surgery, click the button below to start a conversation with Dr. Bumpinator himself!

Claim your free consultation now to see how Dr. U AKA Dr. Bumpinator Can Help Your AKN or condition.

FAQ – Athena Tension Suture Kit

How long would I need to have my tension sutures following my AKN removal surgery?

It varies from person to person. Discuss this with your provider, who would decide depending on your wound’s size and location.

Can I go out in public with my Athena tension sutures on?

Patients will need to protect the sutured wound healing area with a gauze dressing and a topically applied anti-microbial medication.

In public, they can keep this area concealed with a clean head dressing approved by their surgical provider.


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