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Cost and Financing

Published on April 24, 2020. Last Updated on November 14, 2020.


Although AKN is a common condition, the treatment and removal process is not the same for each case or patient. At Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic, Dr. Umar creates a customized AKN treatment plan specific to a patient’s needs.

There have been instances when the best treatment plan combines a number of procedures like surgical excision, laser treatment and even topical medications or  local injections. As a result, the AKN treatment costs and pricing varies from patient to patient.



Our clinic offers two types of AKN consultations: 1. In-office or 2. A free online consultation. In the consultation, Dr. Bumpinator will review your treatment options, along with costs.

By opting to fill out the free online form, you will provide Dr. Umar with photographs and extensive details on your condition. The online form is safe and secure, but best of all gets you in direct communication with the doctor.

When you visit our Manhattan Beach clinic for a one on one in-person consultation a small fee is applied for your consultation. However, that fee is later applied to the overall payment of your treatment/procedure.


There are two ways that you can get a discount on your AKN treatment:

  1. You grant Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic rights to photos and videos with voice, but your face is blurred. 
  2. You grant Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic rights to photos and videos with voice, but your fave is not blurred.

By granting Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic rights to photos and videos, it means you allow us to use on our websites, publications and will be available to the public.

If interested in these options fill out this form or call our office at 1-800-499-DRUCLINIC.



Dr. U’s office will accept all major credit cards in addition to wire transfers and cashier’s checks.Though we don’t provide  direct financing for our procedures, our patients have also opted to work with M-Lend Finance.

NOTE: Prices Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice. Please Inquire About Pricing During Your Consultation With Dr. Umar.