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Small AKN Bumps Removal by The Bumpinator (Not Barber’s Rash!)

Published on February 3, 2022. Last Updated on July 14, 2022.

Say Goodbye to Small Unwanted AKN Bumps:AKN can come in all sizes. It can range from small to large plaques covering the whole scalp or back of the head. It could come in pustules, nodes, acne-like bumps, keloid-look-a-like bumps, and more. In the case of this one AKN patient, he had small AKN bumps that would not go away, no matter what doctor or medicine he was prescribed. Here again, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, comes in to save the day!

Types of AKN Bumps – AKN Classification by Dr. Umar AKA The Bumpinator

AKN can come in several different forms:

  • Discrete papules, nodules
  • Merged papules, nodules
  • Plaque
  • Tumorous mass

Classifications for these AKN bumps can be seen in an AKN classification chart created by Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator.

AKN Classification, Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Classification. Significant AKN findings researched and published by Dr. Sanusi Umar AKA Dr. U, The Bumpinator.
AKN Classification, Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Classification. These significant AKN research findings were discovered and published by Dr. Sanusi Umar, AKA Dr. U, The Bumpinator.

Due to his work in creating this AKN classification system, Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator is one of the few leading expert dermatologists specializing in AKN removal and is often referred to by other dermatologists or doctors for AKN cases of extreme severity.

For his success in AKN removal, as with the case of this patient who had suffered from small AKN bumps on the back of his head, continue to the before and after pictures below.

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Visit here for more information regarding the peer-reviewed medical journal Dr. U published on Acne Keloidalis Nuchae (AKN) classification.

Visit here for more research and information regarding how the AKN this classification system can significantly help diagnose and treat AKN conditions.

AKN Removal Surgery: Before & After Picture Results Post-Surgery

Below is an example of AKN removal surgery results done by Dr. U himself in Dr. U Skin & Hair Clinic, located in Manhattan Beach, California, USA, where a patient was able to successfully leave behind his AKN bumps for a smoother, more natural look for the back of his head and scalp.

VIDEO: Small AKN Bumps Removal by The Bumpinator (Not Barber's Rash!)
VIDEO: Small AKN Bumps Removal by The Bumpinator (Not Barber’s Rash!)

This Bumpinator patient finally removed his small AKN bumps after multiple years of living with this condition. To be free from the pain and stress of dealing with his AKN in his daily life was a “complete blessing.”

Below you can find a clear before and after video presentation of this one man’s successful AKN removal and the post-healing results after his surgery.

VIDEO: Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator Small AKN Bump Removal Results

Experience Freedom From Unwanted AKN Bumps, Now & For All With The Help of The Bumpinator

Even if you have “small” AKN bumps, it is still essential to take care of its removal immediately before it worsens – as AKN is a condition that worsens over time.

Once AKN bumps have been removed, many patients report that a “weight” has been lifted – physically from the back of their heads and mentally – knowing that they are now finally free from the constant pain and unwanted attention that comes with having AKN. If you experience painful or unwanted bumps on the back of your head or scalp, it may be time to talk to Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, to figure out precisely what it is and what can be done to treat it.

Know that no matter your situation, from minor bumps to large, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, has got your back.

Schedule a free video consultation now using the button below!

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FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions Regarding AKN

How do you treat AKN?

Commonly, AKN is treated through creams and ointments, antibiotics, steroid gels, or steroid injections. Still, dermatologists often use these methods to treat AKN; in most cases, these do not work. In some cases, treating AKN with creams and ointments can make it worse.

In Dr. U’s clinic, his proven method of successful permanent AKN removal stems from either regular surgery, laser surgery (which cuts and removes the bumps permanently), and in extreme cases of AKN where AKN plaques, merged nodules, papules, and tumorous masses are so large that it could only be removed by radiation therapy.

Some of the examples of notable, successful AKN patients that have been treated through this method can be seen below:

Large AKN Tumorous Mass Removed Successfully by Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator

Extreme Severe Case of AKN Removed Successfully via Radiation Therapy

Visit here for examples of Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator’s AKN Removal Methods

Is Acne Keloidalis Nuachae painful?

The inflamed bumps recognizable as AKN can grow larger and larger, and often as the condition worsens over time, it can become much more painful.

AKN nodules are known to pop and bleed, sometimes several times a day.

These AKN bumps can merge without adequate treatment and create even worse bumps or plaques.

Therefore, treating AKN as soon as possible is highly recommended to avoid further pain, worsening of the condition, and the medical costs associated with treating it.

If you suspect you have AKN, or know that you do, schedule a free video consultation with Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator; use the button below to treat your AKN permanently.

Where do you usually see AKN?

Acne keloidalis nuchae, also known as AKN, can be found on the nape of the neck, as well as the back occipital scalp region of the head.

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