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This patient experienced the emergence of small Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps on the back of his head. Additionally, his hair also started to fall out in the surrounding regions. According to Dr. Bumpinator’s patient selection criteria, his particular presentation is representative  of an AKN class 2 plaque negative condition which qualifies for surgical removal since the affected margin is between 3-6.5 cm in vertical height on the back of the head. 


Dr. Bumpinator’s procedure allowed the patient to finally be free of his AKN, once and for all. In place of his bumps, he now has a clean linear scar, discreetly aligned with his posterior hairline. So how did this become possible? The answer lies in two unique surgical techniques that he developed.


  1. The BAT excision which enables the final scar to take the form of a straight, horizontal, linear scar and defines the posterior hairline
  2. The use of tension sutures which facilitates the wound closure process along a more predictable timeframe

Thanks to Dr. Bumpinator’s approach, the back of his head has a more normal looking appearance with a cohesive body of hair, minus the AKN. 

AKN type 2 patient before and after his Dr.Bumpinator surgical removal procedure

Before and After AKN Type 2 | Dr.Bumpinator Patient


In his testimony, the patient enthusiastically shares that if he could rate his experience on a scale of 1-100, he would give his Dr.Bumpinator procedure a 500. Watch his video here.

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