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AKN Bump Removal Testimonial: Patient Can Now Rock Short Hair With No More Worries

Published on October 29, 2021. Last Updated on July 14, 2022.

AKN Bump Removal Testimonial – Freedom from AKN: This patient struggled with AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) for quite some time. After living with an unwanted and uncomfortable AKN bump for more than a year, he finally decided it was time to free himself from this painful and itchy bump.

Fortunately, this is where Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, undefeated eliminator of all bumps, comes to the rescue.

Using various original techniques, including Athena Suture Kits and the Batman Incision Method, Dr. U, AKA Dr. Bumpinator, effectively removed the large AKN bump on the bottom back of this patient’s head.

Watch the post-surgery video below for this patient’s AKN Bump Removal Testimonial and other important information Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator, has to say regarding the procedure and recovery!

A Word From The Doctor AKA The Bumpinator – Origin Story

Dr. Umar, known by his alter-ego, The Bumpinator, is a double-licensed dermatologist and pioneer of the AKN removal method. Additionally, Dr. U is also known for his work in developing a new AKN classification system used to help improve AKN treatments. With over 25+ years of experience in the field, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, is one of a few leading surgeons experienced and able to remove these painful AKN bumps such as those seen in these pictures.

What is AKN? AKA Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

  • Although AKN affects many people from all walks of life, most people do not even know what AKN (Acne keloidalis nuchae) is due to it being newly discovered.
  • AKN, previously known as barber’s rash, is often mistaken by the public as something caused by dirty razors – but that is not always the case.
  • AKN occurs due to ingrown hairs in the follicle, resulting in painful and itchy bumps signifying AKN.
  • Although AKN is a relatively new topic within the medical world, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, is an experienced surgeon who can effectively treat this condition cleanly and permanently – with results you can see.

What is AKN? Learn more about Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Here

Rather than using topicals, creams, or other treatments that do not work and only irritate the skin, The Bumpinator has originated and developed a unique surgical method that can rid AKN bumps permanently and leave patients with a clean, natural-looking hairline.

In this patient’s case, Dr. U used a surgical treatment to remove the large AKN bump residing on the rear bottom of the patient’s head cleanly and effectively.

Learn more about the different services and methods Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, use to treat AKN Patients Here.

Continue below to see the before and after results post-surgery!

7 Months Post-Recovery Picture: AKN Removal Results – Before & After

AKN Removal Results: Large Bump Removal Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Before & After Dr. U Bumpinator
AKN Removal Results: Large Bump Removal of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Before & After 7 months post-treatment, results from ATHENA Sutures Method.

Here shows a clear and dramatic difference between the patient’s rear headshot before and after the AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) Removal Procedure.

Note that this is 7 months after the patient’s AKN removal surgery.

So here in this picture, as you can see, the AKN is all gone. A scar goes from one side to the other, and the new hairline begins at the scar.

This scar defines the new hairline, and the beauty of Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator’s AKN Removal Procedures is that the patient can still receive a clean and natural-looking hairline post-procedure.

In this case, the patient received a natural-looking hairline with the standard hairline shape for a man.

Using The Bumpinator’s patented Athena Tension Sutures, we achieved this desired wide shape to give a more natural-looking hairline and accentuate the patient’s natural beauty.

As mentioned by Dr. U, part of the philosophy behind his successful methods stems from the fact that “It is one thing to get rid of the disease – but we want to do this in a way that is optimal.”

The Philosophy Behind Achieving Natural Beauty – A Word From Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator

“We want to create a natural and healthy look – while getting rid of the disease – that gives the patient a very good chance of feeling whole – natural and normal.”

“After all, we are looking to enhance the beauty already found within ourselves – the natural innate beauty we were born with.”

As for the minor scars below, we can use a lotion to help heal and reduce the scars below.

As the now happy patient would later mention in his patient testimonial video below, “I wish I knew about this [AKN Removal Procedure] earlier – I would have done this earlier!”

When asked by Dr. U if he was satisfied with the results, the patient smiled and said he was “delighted with what I have now.”

“I appreciate all of Dr. U’s help.”

VIDEO: Large AKN Bump Patient Testimonial Post AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) Procedure, Recovery

“So far, so good,” – said The Bumpinator!

Here we have a patient testimony result where the patient and Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, discuss the finer details of the patient’s recovery, what to expect, and other important information regarding the procedure.

When Dr. U asked the patient, “what is the most relief you have found from this surgery,” he happily replied, “[My] confidence! So.”

Before, the patient remarked having to be constantly “conscious of what I was doing,” not to “bump or touch [the bump].” More so, he noted how the bump would tend to get “bloody” sometimes, and it always made him aware when “someone is standing behind,” wondering if maybe that person was looking or staring at the bump, or maybe noticed blood or pus coming out.

Yet now, the significant part of all this is that now this patient is free of all those worries – now “with this [post-procedure] – nobody cares – it is just a normal scar.”

As Dr. U stated, “it is better to have a scar than to have something like that [the AKN bump].”

As mentioned before, this patient used to grow out his hair, sporting an afro to cover up his AKN bump – but now he can easily cut his hair short without worrying about others looking or staring at the back of his head.

Now, this man can sport hair that truly fits him.

Finally, when Dr. U asked the patient what had changed in activities, he happily mentioned that now he can “get up and go” and not have to worry about having to “cover his bump.” What a feeling that is.

Eliminate Unwanted AKN Bumps Now with The Bumpinator

The Bumpinator is here to help! And he is undefeated against all bumps! If you are experiencing bumps on the back of your head and believe it may be AKN (Acne keloidalis nuchae) and would like to talk to Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator himself, schedule a free consultation now using the button below!

Claim your free consultation now to see how Dr. U AKA Dr. Bumpinator Can Help Your AKN.

FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions About Removing A Large-Sized AKN Bump

What is the cause of AKN? Is it Acne Related?

Although AKN is called “Acne Keloidalis Nuchae,” AKN is not related to acne. In short, AKN does not occur “as a result of acne vulgaris, but rather a folliculitis” due to an ingrown hair inflaming the hair follicle. AKN typically develops on the occipital scalp and posterior neck and almost exclusively in young African American men or men of Hispanic descent.

How do I know if the bump or bumps on the back of my head is Acne Keloidalis Nuchae or just regular Acne?

In one way, AKN is progressive and, for the most part, will continue to grow over time, increasing in size and complexity. More so, there is often new skin growth, or developments of skin scarring, that is unique in AKN and not found in the case of acne patients. Suppose this is the case, and you continue to experience skin bumps, developments of pus, increased inflammation, or discomfort. In that case, it is best to have these symptoms checked by a doctor specializing in AKN treatment and removal.

In summary, there is no way for a person to know for sure on their own. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation as soon as possible with an AKN expert to ensure that the condition does not get worse and that measures can be taken to prevent further damage as soon as possible.

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