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I Terminated My Back of Head Bumps, Thanks To Dr. Bumpinator

Published on April 9, 2020. Last Updated on July 29, 2023.

I Terminated My Back of Head Bumps, Thanks To Dr. Bumpinator : This patient started to notice small bumps emerging on the back of his head. Over time, instead of going away or subsiding, they continued to get bigger. Of course, these were no ordinary back-of-the-head razor bumps, but rather Acne Keloidalis Nuchae. He turned to Dr. Bumpinator for help.

Patient’s AKN Back of Head Bumps Before Removal By Dr. Bumpinator

The very first step taken by Dr.Bumpinator was to classify the patient’s condition to determine the right method for removing the bumps. This particular case is representative of an AKN class 2 plaque negative condition, making this patient eligible for surgical removal.

Area Affected By AKN Bumps on Dr.Bumpinator's Patient
Patient is eager to for his procedure to treat the sizeable area on the back of his head affected by AKN bumps.

AKN Patient’s Procedure Photos – Dr.Bumpinator to the Rescue

Dr.Bumpinator successfully removed the AKN bumps, leaving behind a clean linear scar in discreet alignment with the patient’s posterior hairline. This was achieved by implementing two unique surgical techniques that he developed himself:

  1. The BAT excision enables the final scar to take the form of a straight, horizontal, linear scar and defines the posterior hairline [1]
  2. The use of tension sutures facilitates the wound closure process along with a more predictable timeframe

The wound edges will not meet and close on their own, especially with this large-sized excision. To help the process along, Dr. Bumpinator applied the use of tension sutures which pull the edges allowing the skin to produce new collagen along the right trajectory to promote proper closure.

Dr.U Removes AKN During Surgical Excision
Patient’s big day. With Dr.Bumpinator’s help, he is able to put an end to his AKN for good.
Dr. Bumpinator's Tension Sutures for AKN
Dr. Bumpinator applies tension sutures to help ensure successful and predictable wound closure

Before and After Photos and Video Testimonial- A Newly Found Confidence Replaces the AKN Bumps

Dr. Bumpinator’s procedure allowed the patient to finally be free of his AKN, once and for all. Instead of a bare area with bumps, there is now a cohesive body of hair, minus the AKN.

Before and After AKN Type 2 | Dr.Bumpinator Patient
AKN type 2 patient before and after his Dr.Bumpinator surgical removal procedure

In his testimony, the patient shares that if he could rate his experience on a scale of 1-100, he would give his Dr.Bumpinator procedure a 500!

Watch his video below and listen to his feedback.

Dr. Bumpinator's Happy AKN Patient
This patient is incredibly pleased with the outcome of his AKN removal procedure, performed by Dr.Bumpinator (Dr.U)

I Terminated My Back of Head Bumps, Thanks To The Bumpinator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could laser have been used to help this patient?

The treatment chosen is influenced by the type of lesions you have as well as patient preference. To determine the best treatment for you, visit Dr. U for evaluation. This patient was a much better candidate for surgery, instead.

How would a person know if their bumps are AKN or not

There is no way for a person to know for sure, on their own. It is best to have them checked out by a doctor who specializes in AKN to avoid misdiagnosis. With prompt action, it is possible to prevent the condition from worsening.


S. Umar MD, Innovative Surgical Approaches and Selection Criteria of Large Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Lesions, Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2019 May; 7(5): e2215.

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