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Radiation Treatment

Published on November 18, 2020. Last Updated on November 18, 2020.

Using selection criteria that he described, Bumpinator has this last option as a way of permanently curing AKN lesions that are not amenable to surgical or laser removal.

Patients must be aware that radiation treatment comes in different forms and methods of application, and not just any one will suffice for their AKN. For instance, the radiation settings Depth of radiation used to treat Keloids (Grenz zone radiation treatment) will not work for acne keloidalis nuchae -AKN. These are two different conditions and must be approached using completely different approaches.  .

After consulting Dr Bumpinator and getting evaluated by him, he will discuss all your treatment options. He will discuss at that point what you can expect and get you well informed before a procedure is planned.

Patient Selection Criteria Developed by Dr Bumpinator

 As you now know, Dr. Bumpinator’s amazing results are largely due to his surgical methods. But another important aspect is the selection criteria that he developed, matching the right patients with the right treatment approach for their needs.

An important piece of information which often gets overlooked is that AKN comes in many different morphological forms, sizes and distribution spreads.   Furthermore, the unwanted tissue growth appears throughout a variety of different regions on the back of the head. Due to all these individual factors, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work well in every single instance.

And yes, multiple or more customized forms of treatment are also possible But there still needs to be objective criteria, not a subjective or arbitrary assignment of one approach over another.

By pairing the right patient with the right technique, like a hand in a glove fit, Dr.Bumpinator helps his patients achieve reliable and consistent aesthetic outcomes that help them feel confident about  their self-image once again.


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