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Witness One Man’s Journey in Getting Rid of Painful AKN Bumps

Published on October 29, 2021. Last Updated on July 14, 2022.

Painful AKN Bump Removal – A Step Towards Freedom: This story begins with a man who began to experience symptoms of AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) about a year and a half ago. From trying multiple over-the-counter medicines and prescribed topicals that did not work, this man was able to make a transformative journey when he met Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator. Read on below and watch this man’s AKN Bump Removal Testimonial Video, where Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, discusses recovery and results post-AKN surgery and what you can expect from this procedure.

Painful AKN Bump Removal: One Man’s Journey

Just as you might imagine, living with AKN is not easy.

As the patient recounted, what was once a few minor bumps, grew bigger and bigger. Soon enough, it was something that could not simply be ignored.

It was time to get help.

“It Felt Like Something Was Holding Me Back”

Like many AKN patients, this patient described his experience living with AKN bumps as “feeling trapped,” as if this condition was “holding him back” from fully living and being himself without judgment from others.

Living With a Painful Secret

On a day-to-day basis, the patient described dealing with AKN as similar to the feeling of “hiding, like hiding a secret – a secret that is painful and itchy.”

It was not comfortable living with AKN – and one of the ways this patient would try to hide his AKN bumps was by getting a face mask and putting it on the back of his head, just so that “no one would see it and ask.”

More so, he emphasized how he did not like for people to look at his AKN bump. Answering strangers’ questions regarding his bump and feeling their comments was not a comfortable feeling, as one can imagine.

After trying pills and topical creams that do not work, he noticed his AKN bump getting bigger and worse.

Then, the patient decided that he had to do something about this – now!

So like many of us, he went online for answers.

At first, he went to Dr. Pimple Popper, who referred him to Dr. Umar.

And so began the first few steps towards AKN recovery.

The Bumpinator to the Rescue: AKN Removal Results

AKN Patient Pre Removal Picture Acne Keloidalis Nuchae - Dr. Bumpinator
AKN Patient Pre Removal Picture Acne Keloidalis Nuchae – Dr. Bumpinator

A Word From The Doctor AKA The Bumpinator – The Man Behind The Myth

Dr. Umar, also known as The Bumpinator, is a dermatologist and pioneer of the AKN removal method. With over 25+ years of experience in the field, including developing research to help classify different types of AKN, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, is one of a few surgeons experienced and able to remove painful AKN bumps such as these seen on this patient.

Although AKN is a reasonably new condition just recently discovered in the modern medical world, Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator, has originated several processes and methods to help permanently remove AKN bumps safely, effectively, and cleanly.

More About AKN: What is AKN? To learn more about AKN, a newly discovered disease often mistaken for a “Barber’s Rash,” visit this page here.

Learn more about Dr. U AKA The Bumpinator’s services and methods for AKN removal here.

Rather than using topicals or creams or other treatments that do not work and only irritate the skin, The Bumpinator has originated a particular surgical method and recovery process that can rid AKN bumps permanently and leave patients with a clean, natural-looking hairline.

In this patient’s case, Dr. U used a surgical treatment to remove the large AKN bump on the rear bottom of the patient’s head cleanly and effectively.

Continue below to see the before and after results post-surgery!

The Day of the Surgery

When asked before his surgery, “what do you expect or hope for from this procedure,” the patient mentioned, “hopefully, it’s going to be gone.”

The patient elaborated on how living with AKN has been “stressful” and that if the AKN bump was gone, “it’s going to give me my self-esteem back, my confidence.”

Three Months Post-Surgery: A Clean Look & A Dashing Hairline

AKN Removal Patient Before and After Surgery Results Bumpinator Dr. U
AKN Removal: Patient Before and After Surgery Results via Bumpinator AKA Dr. U.

Using various original surgical methods, including the Athena Suture Kits and the Batman Incision Method, Dr. U, AKA Dr. Bumpinator, effectively removed the large AKN bump on the bottom back of the patient’s head.

More so, Dr. U was able to form closure in the back of the head, which gave the patient a clean, natural-looking hairline.

Note the back excision, which was carefully and deliberately done to create a natural-looking and masculine hairline – similar to a wide “V” shape. This is desired as it creates a hairline that seems natural and pleasant to the human eye.

As mentioned by Dr. U, part of the philosophy behind his successful methods stems from the fact that “It is one thing to get rid of the disease – but we want to do this in a way that is optimal.”

“We want to create a natural and healthy look – while getting rid of the disease – that gives the patient a good chance of feeling whole – natural and normal.”

After all, we are looking to enhance the beauty already found within ourselves – the innate natural beauty we were born with.

VIDEO: Watch This Man’s Transformative Post-Surgery Results for AKN – What to Expect & Testimonial

In 3 months post-surgery, much of the patient’s wounds have closed and healed as expected.

As Dr. U noted, more healing is expected, in this case, up to 3-6 months post-surgery, but everything has been moving great.

When asked how he feels now, 3 months after surgery, the patient notes that he “felt great.”

Happy and confident, the patient was ready to tackle the world with his new innate freedom and confidence.

He specifically mentioned how he feels much better now and is “able to get out more.”

More so, the patient reports now how “having confidence is a great feeling.”

Just imagine what it feels like to be able to move around publicly with this new boost in self-confidence!

Before & After AKN Removal: A Boost in Confidence

Before the surgery, the patient would state how he felt “a whole lot of irritation” on the back of his head and scalp and that his AKN bump made him “feel some type of way.”

Back then, the patient would try to wear hats to cover his bump – but now, he no longer has to worry about that.

Finally, when asked by Dr. U, “if you were to do this again – would you do it?”

The patient replied: “of course, no doubt, it’s been amazing – an amazing experience.”

“I would recommend anyone to see Dr. U if you have this condition – do not let it get any worse – because the more time you take, the worse it’s going to get.”

“Just come in and see what you can do with the doctor – hope you guys can work something out.”

Eliminate Unwanted AKN Bumps Now with The Bumpinator

If you are experiencing bumps on the back of your head and believe it may be AKN (Acne keloidalis nuchae) and would like to talk to Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator himself, schedule a free consultation now using the button below!

Claim your free consultation now to see how Dr. U AKA Dr. Bumpinator Can Help Your AKN.

FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions About Removing A Large-Sized AKN Bump

I Heard that AKN (Acne Keloidalis Nuchae) Only Affects Men of Color. Is This True?

Yes, AKN, also known as Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, primarily affects young black men, although there have also been many cases of AKN found in male patients of Hispanic descent.

AKN is a reasonably new subject in modern medicine, and from studies of what we have now, we can safely conclude that AKN is caused by ingrown hair follicles and the body, skin, and immune system’s reaction toward these ingrown hairs. This seems to particularly affect men of color due to curly or afro-textured hair having a significantly higher chance of being ingrown and stuck within these hair follicles, resulting in inflammation, new skin growth, bacteria, or pus, and other commonly seen symptoms of AKN.

Is There a Limit to How Big AKN Bumps Can Get?

AKN is a progressive condition that can continue to grow and worsen over time in terms of depth and area affected. Although this patient does show a noticeable bump within his rear occipital region near the back of his neck, there have been worse cases of AKN seen and treated by Dr. U, AKA The Bumpinator. Although AKN bumps within this size are uncommon, leaving your AKN bumps untreated will often lead to a worsening condition that will take more time and resources to treat. As with any problem, it is best to resolve it immediately as soon as possible. Due to the ongoing nature of the condition, it is highly recommended that patients suffering from AKN contact an AKN expert such as Dr. U immediately to minimize the growth of AKN and treat it before it gets any worse.

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