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This Man No Longer Stresses About Military Shaved Head Regulations, Thanks to Dr. Bumpinator’s AKN Removal

This gentleman, a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, developed AKN bumps on the back of his scalp. Due to military shaved head requirements, these tissue lesions became a major source of distress. After undergoing failed treatment at a different provider, he then decided to seek help from none other than Dr.Bumpinator himself.



Before Photos – A Growing AKN Problem Prevents This Patient From Having A “Career Must” Military Crew Cut

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps started to grow and merge on the lower part of this patient’s scalp, forming an awkward-looking region of thick, bumpy collagen.

Contrary to urban myth, this had nothing to do with dirty clippers. According to Dr. Bumpinator, AKN is a genetically predisposed condition that causes the skin to react adversely to a close razor shave.

Due to his Acne Keloidalis Nuchae lesion, this patient would not be able to wear his hair short, according to military shaved head requirements. His condition became an issue for his career path in the military.

Although another provider had prescribed Accutane, a toxic oral medication recommended for acne vulgaris (i.e., common acne), this treatment did not eliminate this patient’s AKN bumps.


Patient's AKN lesions would show through a short military-style hair cut
The patient’s AKN lesions would show through a short military-style haircut.
The patient's genetic predisposition led to the development of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps
The patient’s genetic predisposition led to the development of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps.


Procedure Photos – Removing Troublesome Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Bumps- Meeting Military Haircut Regulations

One of the reasons why Dr.Bumpinator succeeds in permanently removing AKN where others fail is that he classifies each patient case to pair them with the right surgical method. He can achieve permanent, long-term remission (i.e., bumps do not come back), whereas standard conventional treatments only keep the AKN at bay.

For this particular patient case, Dr.Bumpinator decided to apply a surgical technique that he developed at his clinic, along with a proprietary tool that he invented [1]. Here he is at work.



Dr. Bumpinator assesses the affected AKN region on the back of this patient's head
Dr. Bumpinator assesses the affected AKN region on the back of this patient’s head.
Measuring the AKN tissue, relative to scalp landmarks such as the occipital notch is an important step
Measuring the AKN tissue relative to scalp landmarks such as the occipital notch is an important step.


Dr. Bumpinator at work to remove the patient's Acne Keloidalis Nuchae once and for all.
Dr. Bumpinator at work to remove the patient’s Acne Keloidalis Nuchae once and for all.

Before and After Photos – Dr.Bumpinator’s Natural Looking Signature Scar Replaces This Patient’s AKN Worries

Dr.Bumpinator’s special surgical approach not only eliminated the unwanted AKN tissue but also left a clean linear scar aligned with the patient’s posterior hairline. See his before and after photos below.

A straight, clean linear scar now replaces the former AKN region
A straight, clean linear scar now replaces the former AKN region.




Dr.Bumpinator made sure that the edges of the patient's AKN surgery wound closed into a natural-looking scar
Dr.Bumpinator made sure that the edges of the patient’s AKN surgery wound closed into a natural-looking scar.
Dr.Bumpinator's final linear scar aligns inconspicuously with the patient's posterior hairline
Dr.Bumpinator’s final linear scar aligns inconspicuously with the patient’s posterior hairline.

VIDEO – No More Military Shaved Head Career Stress Thanks to Dr.Bumpinator’s Triumphant AKN Removal

Watch the video below to learn more about this military patient’s journey with AKN and the feedback he provides about his experience with Dr.Bumpinator.

Military Man Seeks AKN Removal By Dr. Bumpinator

Frequently Asked Questions – Needing to Meet Military Crew Cut Regulations? What to Know About Treating Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

Why do drugs not work for treating AKN?

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae is a condition where the skin overreacts and profusely produces collagen. Drugs can’t subtract or eliminate this unwanted tissue. They can only address the issue of inflammation and symptoms of discomfort, such as pain, itching, and swelling.

It seems that everyone says that dirty razor clippers cause razor bumps and Acne Keloidalis Nuchae.  Is this actually true?

AKN can develop whether or not the clippers used are clean or dirty. The real cause is not bacteria or microbes but how your skin reacts to the ingrowth of hair. This response is different from person to person and determined by genetics.

Are there any at-home treatments or over-the-counter products that can help with AKN?

Unfortunately no. Again, Acne Keloidalis Nuchae is really a condition that is contingent on how your skin behaves and responds to ingrown hair shafts. No topical treatment, kitchen ingredient, or DIY formulation can change this.


  1. Umar, Sanusi et al. “Innovative Surgical Approaches and Selection Criteria of Large Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Lesions.” Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open vol. 7,5 e2215. 16 May. 2019

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Can You Tell That This Man Had AKN Surgery? See His Final Scar Outcome

This patient first came to see Dr.Bumpinator after an eight-year struggle with Acne Keloidalis Nuchae – AKN. Before this, he tried a nonsurgical approach at a different clinic using steroid injections. However, this did not get rid of his bump lesion. He then decided to choose Dr.Bumpinator as his service provider, hoping to achieve a discrete and inconspicuous linear scar. With Dr.Bumpinator’s surgical method to produce the best Acne Keloidalis Nuchae treatment results, this patient would also be able to have his final scar covered with his own hair growth.




Before Photos – AKN Class I Plaque

Due to the size and location of this patient’s bump lesions, this patient was categorized as an AKN Class I Plaque, according to Dr.Bumpinator’s system of classification.

The patient's AKN bump is vertically narrow and located in the upper nuchal region

The patient’s AKN bump is vertically narrow and located in the upper nuchal region.

This patient's AKN is classified as a Class I plaque, according to Dr.Bumpinator's categorization schema
This patient’s AKN is classified as a Class I plaque, according to Dr.Bumpinator’s categorization schema.

Dr.Bumpinator’s categorization schema helps patients by allowing them to be matched with the most appropriate treatment format. By pairing specific cases with fitting methods, it is possible to expect the best possible cosmetic outcome (1) reliably.

Procedure Photos – Dr. Bumpinator’s Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Treatment Results – A Thin, Discrete Linear Scar

For this patient’s procedure, the most obvious starting point was to remove the actual AKN bump lesion through surgical excision. Dr.Bumpinator’s innovative surgical method would then result in a thin linear scar covered by the patient’s own hair growth.

Dr.Bumpinator at work to TERMINATE this patient's AKN for GOOD!
Dr.Bumpinator at work to TERMINATE this patient’s AKN for GOOD!
Using his trichophytic wound closure technique, this patient had the edges of his wound sutured on the same day right after his excision.
Using his trichophytic wound closure technique, this patient had the edges of his wound sutured on the same day right after his excision.

After Photos – A Well Camouflaged Final Linear Scar

Here are images of this patient’s outcome, taken 14 years after his procedure with Dr.Bumpinator. Due to the successful growth of hair through the final linear scar, it is not even obvious that this patient had undergone any surgical removal or that AKN was even a problem in the first place. Can you tell that he even had a procedure done?

AKN Patient With Thin, Unnoticeable Linear Scar
AKN Patient With Thin, Unnoticeable Linear Scar

VIDEO: Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Treatment Results – No More Embarrassing Bumps

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Bumpinator’s surgical journey and final scar outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions – AKN Removal

Should I see a dermatologist get rid of my AKN bumps?

Acne Keloidalist Nuchae removal requires a specialized treatment approach. Many doctors (dermatologists included) lack the expertise required to eliminate lesions and keep them from coming back permanently.  Patients are often prescribed drug medications, injections, topicals, etc. However, these will not actually get rid of the unwanted tissue. Although AKN can be excised using surgery, Dr.Bumpinator recommends classifying each patient case to determine specific protocols for removal. It’s important to realize that the end goal is not just to get rid of the Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bumps but also to leave behind the most natural-looking final scar.  This will require more advanced surgical methods. You will need to see a true specialist.

Is Acne Keloidalis Nuchae the same as razor bumps?

AKN starts as tiny bumps, resulting from close razor shaves on the back of the head. However, what makes them different from ordinary razor (shaved haircut) bumps is how the person’s skin responds. Affected individuals have a genetic predisposition to produce prolific collagen as a reaction to ingrown hair. Their immune systems mistake the hair shaft as a threat. The collagen is intended to heal the damage resulting from these attacks. So really, AKN does start as what appears to be regular razor bumps. But the bumps themselves (in predisposed individuals) are really starting a progressive and chronic skin issue.

Does AKN come back after surgical removal?

It really depends on how the surgical excision and wound closure was performed. Bumps are more like to return if the surgeon does not excise deeply enough to remove the affected tissue. Also, they can come back if the wrong wound closure method is used. Dr.Bumpinator has developed methods that aim towards long-term and permanent outcomes that patients can be happy with in the end.


  1. Umar, Sanusi et al. “Patient selection criteria and innovative techniques for improving outcome and cosmesis in acne keloidalis nuchae lesion excision and primary closure.” JAAD case reports vol. 5,1 24-28. 4 Dec. 2018

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Los Angeles Man Gets Rid of Massive Bumps On The Back Of His Head Once and For All

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Los Angeles Man Gets Rid of Massive Bumps On The Back Of His Head Once and For All: He shrugged them off. It just wasn’t a big deal. According to Los Angeles native, who decided to become Dr.Bumpinator’s patient, it wasn’t the first time he’d seen these types of bumps, and just like before he expected them to go away. 

These tiny bumps, he explained, formed along his hairline on the back of his head after his hair was braided too tightly. 

He ignored the bumps when they first appeared.
Los Angeles patient admitted he initially ignored the bumps on the back of his head because he genuinely thought they would go on their own.

“Even that same day, I started noticing little bumps across my hairline,” he said.

Bumps after getting hair braided is typical. In fact, hairstylists and barbers sometimes inform their clients that the tightness of the braid may cause slight irritation or inflamed bumps on the edges of the hair. Some have called it barber’s rash.

Feeling uncomfortable and unwilling to suffer through the rigid tugging and pulling caused by the braids, the patient said he unraveled his braids. He didn’t think too much into it once the tension on his scalp was relieved and went about his typical routines.

Los Angeles Man Gets Rid of Massive Bumps On The Back Of His Head Once and For All

In this video, Dr. Bumpinator explains the importance of this patient’s case.  Learn more about the details of his experience prior to his surgery.

Los Angeles Man Gets Rid of Massive Bumps On The Back Of The Head Once and For All

The Bumps Kept Growing 

The bumps, he thought would subside, eventually. But they didn’t. Cue the pain, drainage and neverending discomfort. 

“I was treating them like regular hair bumps,” the patient explained. “Being a black male, you get hair bumps when you shave and I thought that’s what it was.” 

Gradually, year-over-year, the bumps changed. Fifteen years since the day he untwisted his braids, the bumps fused into a large protruding mass that he hid with his long dreadlocks.

Mike’s massive AKN bump.
Mike grew his hair out to hide the large AKN bump.
Mike hid his AKN bump for years.
Because of his long hair , not a lot of people realized that Mike was struggling with AKN.

“For some reason,” he said. “Which is unknown, it decided to develop into something else.”

Trading Supersets for Hundred Mile coffee

The massive size of the bump restricted head movements. He could not find a comfortable sleep posture. That plus all the oozing of pus and blood from the bumps called for a career change. The patient’s work as a personal fitness trainer was severely affected by the slow trickle of pus, blood, and discharge from the mass on the back of his head.

“It would discharge out of the blue,” he explained. “And me dealing with people or [helping] them; I had to completely change everything.” 

“It was embarrassing,” he added. 

Pondering his next career steps, Mike decided to start working as a truck driver. His life, he said, changed again. Instead of being physically active, he spent 14 hour days driving trucks.

“Part of my lifestyle was active,” he said. “I’ve always been active, but the change in my physical life changed my life more.”

Misdiagnoses, Treatment Failures, The Hopeless Journey of a Los Angeles AKN Patient With Large Bump

The patient sought treatment to no avail. He was referred to a dermatologist, but every time he went to the clinic he was seen by a different dermatologist who was unfamiliar with his case. 

“I was starting over every appointment with every doctor,” he noted.

Furthermore, each doctor went through a list of medications including steroids which were being injected into the lesions.  Mike was baffled. He said the steroids were affecting his bone density and teeth. “It was a domino effect,” he added. 

“The medication,” he said. “Was more damaging to me than the actual bump.”  

Nothing was effective. In addition, he didn’t even have an actual diagnosis. At one point, his bump was diagnosed as a keloid. He also had surgery to remove a bump on the left side of the back of his head. Unfortunately, the surgery created a bald area without removing the problem. 

“Inches of my hair fell out,” he added. 

He wished he hadn’t done the surgery. “They didn’t even understand what it was,” he explained. “They didn’t take the time to figure out what it was.” 

After that surgery, the patient explained the bumps came back even worse. He continued to take the medications. But nothing proved effective.

“Being on the medication and being in constant pain,” he said. “My wife noticed it was changing me.” 

The patient said his frustration with the constant agony over the bumps made him more reclusive. He didn’t want to be around anyone he didn’t have to. No one, but his wife, knew he was struggling with the bumps on the back of his head. In the long run, his hermit-like behavior started affecting his relationships with his family and friends. He grew long dreadlocks to cover the ever-growing bump which by then had become a massive growth on the back of his neck.

Dr. Bumpinator and Dr Pimple Popper To The Rescue!

“It’s like having a pimple on the back of your head that won’t pop,” Mike said of the bumps. Even at night if he rolled over, he’d wake up in pain. 

He needed a solution. Nothing was working and now at 19-years of grappling with the immensely 6.5 inches in length and 11 inches in width fused bump, something had to give. The balloon-sized bump needed to be popped or something. 

So naturally, seeing and hearing about Dr. Sandra Lee’s ability to tackle some of the most stubborn bumps, he decided to seek her help. After scheduling an appointment and seeing Dr. Lee also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, “She basically recommended that I see Dr. Umar,” he shared. “She had seen things like it but said that he had more specialty in this. She is very upfront.”

As it turns out, Dr. Sanusi Umar also known as Dr. Bumpinator has had extensive experience dealing with the specific condition which is called Acne Keloidalis Nuchae or AKN and was happy to take on this gentleman’s case as a joint patient with Dr. Pimple Popper. 

“The other doctors acted like they’ve never seen anything like it before,” Mike continued. “Dr. Sandra Lee and Dr. Umar seemed to know what I was dealing with – within minutes. Seeing Dr. Umar, he knew exactly what this was.” 

Dr. Sandra Lee and Dr. Bumpinator (the AKN specialist) meet.
After seeing Mike’s large AKN condition, Dr. Sandra Lee called Dr. Bumpinator to discuss treatment options and procedures to remove his bump completely

“I ended up in a little shell,” he shared. “I stayed at home and didn’t do the things that I would normally do.”

His Bumps Had A Name

He was surprised that Dr. Bumpinator wasn’t shocked at the sight and the magnitude of the lump. The patient added  “I was so used to seeing doctors who rushed through my appointments. They simply didn’t know what to do about the bump.” 

According to his interview, when he saw Dr. Umar  (Dr. Bumpinator) at Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in Manhattan Beach, Calif “ he knew exactly what this was.” Bumpinator educated the patient on his condition and for the first time in 19-years, he had a real diagnosis. He told him he had Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, AKN, a condition that affects the back of the head when bumps and masses form. In addition, during his appointment, Mike was given actual treatment options. He was floored to even have such options.

The massive Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bump before surgery.
In 19-years,  this patient’s Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bump had fused into a massive lump measuring at 6.5 inches in vertical height and 11 inches in width.
The AKN surgery incision.
Dr.Bumpinator measures the length of a massive AKN bump

“During Dr. Umar’s first examination, I felt confident. He didn’t look shocked,” he added.  “It was a breath of fresh air and I knew that I wasn’t going to continue this wild goose chase for help.”

Trying Not To Have Expectations

“I didn’t lose my faith,” Mike admitted. 

Similarly, he didn’t want to get too excited that he’d finally found Dr. Bumpinator who was confident he could eradicate the monster that taunted him for so long. His wife, Mike said, was also happy, but hesitant, too.

“We’d been down that road before,” he shared candidly. “Where we thought we had something solid that could help, but it was hot air.” 

Dr. Bumpinator’s Approach For Large-Size Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

Dr. Sanusi Umar provides patients with a wide range of treatments to treat Acne Keloidalis Nuchae.
Dr. Sanusi Umar, known to his patients as Dr. Bumpinator seen here performing massive AKN head bump removal on Mike. Dr Umar has spent a number of years researching and developing life-changing treatments to provide Acne Kelodalis Nuchae patients with a wide range of treatment.

According to Dr. Bumpinator, AKN is poorly researched with conventional treatments often unpredictable and varies from patient to patient. His innovative techniques and protocols take out the guesswork in proper diagnosis and treatment. Such advancements are the driving force behind effective procedures that get rid of the bumps with long-lasting results. 

Furthermore, the patient’s condition was so severe that the topical steroids, oral antibiotics, steroid injections, and previous conventional surgery were obviously not effective. He needed a more aggressive approach without all of the harsh pharmaceuticals.

First Dr. Bumpinator appropriately classified Mike’s AKN. Based on this classification which Dr. Umar himself has developed, he presented this patient with curative surgical treatment options using techniques and some tools he himself developed.  

“He was upfront,” the patient recounted. “He knew how to deal with it and didn’t prescribe me medications.” 

“He knew how to deal with it,” he emphasized.

AKN Surgery Procedure To Remove Large-Size Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Bump

Bumpinator assessing AKN bump during surgery
Dr.Bumpinator and his team assess Mike’s Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bump before removing it.

During the patient’s surgery, Dr. Bumpinator removed the mass entirely along with all its discharging sinus tracks some of which were draining to both sides of the patient’s neck.


Large sized AKN bump removed right after excision
Mike’s 19 year old AKN bump left a huge, gaping wound.  The challenge now, is how to close it and leave a natural looking appearance. 
Athena AKN tension sutures closes resulting wound left by the Acne Keloidalis Nuchae bump
Dr. Bumpinator at work, applying his Athena tension sutures which allows the AKN wound to gradually close on its own, over time.

He finished the surgery by using the innovative “Athena Tension Suture Kit™” to influence an optimal healing outcome as well as to minimize the size of the final scar.  Dr. Umar had himself developed the Athena tension suture kits when the conventionally available tools proved ineffective with often the occurrence of tissue tears that lead to failure and scarring.

Without the Athena Kits, the patient would have required a more invasive multi-phase procedure called balloon expansion which has a very high rate of severe complications and required many months of downtime. The Athena Kits removed the need for that Dr Bumpinator explained.

Eight weeks later, with just one surgery, the patient’s AKN was gone. In addition, to camouflage the remaining scar to match his skin complexion, Dr. Bumpinator also performed tricopigmentation.

AKN removal results. before and after surgery.
The side-by-side comparison of the patient’s look pre- and post-surgery is truly amazing! *

VIDEO- Monstrous 19-Year-Old AKN Bump Is NO Match For Dr. Bumpinator

Want to meet the patient and hear his feedback about his procedure? Learn more about this patient’s struggle with his large-sized, class 3 AKN bump and how Dr.Bumpinator terminated this lesion on the back of his scalp.

Massive Acne Keloidalis Nuchae AKN Bump on Back Of Head Removed by Dr Bumpinator

For the patient to heal, he shared, it took the two renowned doctors to communicate with one another. He said the level of respect both doctors have for each other, out of the entire experience, made a big impact on him. Dr. Sandra Lee’s coordinating care to have Dr. Bumpinator’s input changed this patient’s life. 

“I was surprised they were willing to work together,” the patient pointed out. “Or at least to share information. All the other doctors didn’t.”

In his opinion, the patient shared, “They’re both good people. Dr. Sandra Lee could have easily gone a different way about it. And I was happy that Dr. Bumpinator was willing to cross-reference, talk and come up with a solution.” 

His tumorous bump is gone. He’s bump-free – just like that. 

Though it’s been only nine months since his surgery, it seems like so long ago. He’s sleeping through the night. And when he’s tossing or turning, there’s no bump to awaken him. 

“It worked out in a good way and I’m pleased with it,” he said. 

Perhaps the most life-changing result beyond being bump-free, the patient shared, was that he was finally anxious to get back to the life he left behind.  “I have now quit my truck driving job,” he said enthusiastically.  “and for the first time, I am beginning to work out again. I am getting back in shape.”

With tears in his eyes, he exclaimed, “I have my life back.”Dr. Bumpinator’s diverse treatment options for men dealing with AKN bumps on the back of their heads also means there are no limitations to viable treatments that permanently clear them. It’s just a matter of proper consultation and meeting with Dr. Bumpinator to find the best solution as not one case of AKN is the same.  Want a free consultation with Dr. Bumpinator, himself? Click below to get started with a free consultation! 

Claim your free consultation now to see how Dr. U AKA Dr. Bumpinator Can Help Your AKN.


FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions About Removing A Large-Sized AKN Bump

I am a black man and would like to treat my AKN. Why won’t medications work to get rid of my bump?

Steroid medications will only address the inflammatory aspect of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae. Also, antibiotics will only help with any bacterial infections present. In short, what this means is that drugs can only treat symptoms that cause patients discomfort. They will not actually remove the tissue growth which comprises your bump. You would need a more curative treatment using published protocols.

How do I know if my Acne Keloidalis Nuchae hard bump on the back of my head will stop growing or not?

AKN is progressive and will continue to grow and evolve over time, as shown in this patient’s case. Although it is relatively unlikely that average AKN patients will have their bumps reaching this size, affected individuals should still be aware of the ongoing nature of their condition and plan for the removal of their lesion, rather than hoping that this skin disease will reach some type of stopping point.


[1] Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2019 May; 7(5): e2215 Published online 2019 May 16

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12-years Later, Anaheim Man No Longer Suffers From Big Itchy Bumps on Back Of His Head

“It’s incurable” – that’s what doctors and specialists said about the raging Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, AKN, on the back of his head. Defeated, Adalid from Anaheim, Calif. hid the big bumps on the back of the head by keeping his hair long and suffered in silence for approximately 12 years. It seemed that no matter the number of specialists he consulted, no one knew how to cure bumps on the back of the neck.

“They kept saying there was no solution for it,” Adalid said.

foul-smelling bumps on back of head

Adalid spent 12-years looking for a treatment and cure for his itchy and foul-smelling bumps on the back of his head. All the doctors he consulted told him his condition had no remedy or cure.

AKN is a skin condition that affects the majority of African American, Latino/Hispanic and Asian men. The condition itself starts as small itchy bumps along the back of the neck that eventually grow into painful, itchy papules and pustules. In severe cases, the bumps grow bigger, can thicken, take over the entire back of the head and cause patchy hair loss.

In Adalid’s case, the bumps formed along the nape of his neck and fused on the back of his head. He described them as large, itchy and foul-smelling lesions. With time, he grew frustrated with the lack of medical treatment.

Becoming his own Advocate

Taking the matter into his own hands, he began to deeply research AKN – the condition and alternative types of treatments. That was when he stumbled upon Dr. U’s Bumpinator videos and saw what many told him was impossible – a treatment… a solution … a cure.

Armed with hope for relief for the first time in years,  Adalid called Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in Manhattan Beach, Calif. to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bumpinator, also known as world renowned board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sanusi Umar.

large bumps on the back of the head
Before being seen by Dr. Bumpinator, Adalid’s bumps spread and got larger on the back of his head.


Dr. Bumpinator has spent a number of years researching and treating patients with AKN. His innovative and transformative treatment options have changed the lives of hundreds of AKN patients who, like Adalid, had given up on a bump free head.

Dr. Bumpinator Saves the Day: The treatment others said didn’t exist

Sometimes surgery is the best treatment to eradicate AKN.
Dr. Bumpinator provides all patients with every possible treatment option. In some cases surgery is inevitable, depending on the type of pustules and papules level of distribution throughout the scalp.



During the consultation Dr. Bumpinator examined the bumps and determined that the type of lesions were in the merged papules and nodules stage on the verge of entering Stage II of the distribution phase. Meaning the papules and nodules were expanding and covering a larger part of the back of his head than before. According to Dr. Bumpinator, “the papules and nodules were progressively getting worse.”






Dr. Bumpinator's Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Type Characterization
Dr. Bumpinator has characterized five common variations of Acne Keloidalis Nuchae.



Dr. Bumpinator's Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Distribution Characterization
Dr. Bumpinator has also identified four different stages of AKN that help determine the type of treatment needed.


The thing to remember, according to Dr. Bumpinator, every AKN case is different. Therefore type of treatment varies from patient to patient. In Adalid’s case, after discussing all his options with it was decided that the best option was surgery. While in surgery, Dr. Bumpinator used his specialty BAT excision method to create a clean, natural-looking scar and neck hairline with the use of tension sutures that directed the wound closure process. The BAT excision method als minimizes the chance of the bump returning.

Living Bump Free

Ten weeks following surgery, Adalid met with Dr. Bumpinator. Upon review, Dr. Bumpinator determined, for the first time in years, Adalid finally had the relief he sought – to be bump free. During the follow up, Adalid informed Dr. Bumpinator of his plans to cut his hair and keep it short.

Before and After results of AKN surgery.
Ten weeks after undergoing AKN surgery and treatment with Dr. Bumpinator, Adalid showed tremendous improvement and reported he no longer had any AKN symptoms.


“Now I just wash my scalp like nothing ever happened,” he said confidently.

Finally, bump free, Adalid told Dr. Umar that he was going to finally cut his hair.

“I recommend it 100 percent, [because]  of the results I have today,” Adalid said.

The most noteworthy outcome of his treatment was the permanent disappearance of lesions and malodorous pus weeping, according to Adalid.

“Definitely a confidence booster,” Adalid said. “It makes you feel better. Overall it’s something you don’t have to worry about anymore.”

Due to Dr. Bumpinator’s life changing treatment options to treat AKN, more men, like Adalid, are stepping out of the shadows. No matter the size of the bumps, Dr. Bumpinator is readily available to answer questions. Submit questions and treatment inquiries by clicking the button link below:

[Button id=”5″]


How do I know if my bumps on the back of my head are acne keloidalis nuchae?

Those bumps didn’t show up big on day one. AKN actually starts out as small bumps that with time grow larger. As they get bigger, they can have a variation of symptoms that includes  bumps that ooze foul smelling pus, bleed, are itchy and are inflamed. If they do not subside despite the number of doctors and treatments a person has tried, they should consider consulting with a specialist that can appropriately diagnose the bumps. Though it’s not life-threatening, they can be quite irritating and embarrassing to have.

Besides surgery, what other alternative treatments are available to treat the bumps on the back of my head, AKN?

Before any type of treatment is recommended by Dr. Bumpinator, he determines the severity of the AKN. In some instances, he may recommend a combination of treatments. Ultimately, because not all AKN cases are the same, finding the best type of treatment may require a one-on-one examination and in some instances a biopsy of the bumps. Treatments can range from surgery, laser or radiation treatment. Read more about Dr. Bumpinator’s treatment options:


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